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About Wells Chiropractic and Osteopathy Centre

Our Philosophy

The World Health Organisation defines health as optimum physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Daily back pain or tension headaches can affect your mood, reduce your concentration and energy levels and stop you doing the activities you love. Here at Wells Chiropractic and Osteopathy Centre, we believe that if your body and nervous system can function at their best, this will not only allow you to heal more quickly, but can lead to improved well-being and the ability to live your life to the full. Therefore, our techniques aim to restore healthy alignment and movement to your spine and joints, decreasing interference to your nervous system and improving your general health. It's hard to keep fit and mobile if you're in pain and can't move!

Your nervous system controls every single process in your body with a continuous flow of 'messages' between your brain, spine, organs and limbs that keeps you alert and able to adapt to all of the stresses that life can throw at you. This could be physical stress such as lifting, sitting at a computer all day, carrying a baby or just getting older. Or, it could be emotional and mental stress that negatively 'overloads' your nervous system leading to physical tension and increased stress hormones in your body that deplete your immunity. 


We don't just look at your symptoms, we look for the root cause of why you're not getting better and then aim to help you function at your optimum. To do this we use hands-on techniques (adjustments, HVT's, massage and acupuncture) that remove interference from your nervous system, in combination with exercise guidance and lifestyle advice. We are absolutely committed to helping you get better and live life to the full!

Do Osteopathy and Chiropractic Really Work ?

Both osteopathy and chiropractic understand that mis-alignment or restriction of your bones and joints can have a direct impact on the function of your body, which can lead to poor health. This can include pain, weakness, headaches, stiffness, stress, lack of sleep, digestive issues, reduced visual acuity, increased falls and accelerated 'wear & tear'.

It is a practitioners aim, whether they are an osteopath or chiropractor, to restore healthy alignment and movement which will subsequently lead to improved nervous system function and symptom relief.


Although, osteopaths and chiropractors can vary in which techniques they use, all of our practitioners at Wells Chiropractic and Osteopathy Centre, use hands-on adjustments that realign and improve movement in the spinal vertebrae and all of the body's joints - we don't only help spines!  And what is more, many current studies prove beyond doubt that these techniques improve the function of your nervous system, including your brain (particularly the pre-frontal cortex) which can lead to increased strength, better joint co-ordination, reduced stress levels, better concentration, and of course, reduced pain. Google 'Heidi Haavik'  for the latest research into the 'adjustment' technique.

What does all this mean to you? Well, as you get older this could help improve your balance and reduce falls risk (Holt, et al, May 2016) or you can play sport better with less injuries and increased strength. Top athlete's including Usain Bolt and Andy Murray get their spines adjusted by chiropractors and osteopaths to improve sports performance and power, so why don't you?

We have helped thousands of people across Somerset and beyond with a wide range of health issues, to get back to being at their best. Contact our friendly team to find out more: 01749 674 716  or

What You Can Expect
You're in Safe Hands

On your FIRST VISIT we need to find out exactly how the problem has occurred and what is stopping your body from healing. We will take a thorough case history, perform a physical examination in a gown (and with a chaperone if requested) with orthopaedic and neurological tests, PostureScreen posture analysis, balance tests and X-rays if deemed necessary.

N.B. If you have had osteopathy or chiropractic before, and you are presenting with a similar problem then let the receptionist know when you book your appointment as it may be possible to treat you on this visit.

On your SECOND VISIT, once we have analysed the results we ask you to return for a second appointment called the Report of Findings to explain what is causing your problem, why it isn't getting better and a diagnosis. At this point your osteopath or chiropractor will recommend a number of treatment options with a thorough explanation of why they believe the problem has occurred. If you are happy to proceed with the treatment process then it can begin on this session. If we don't believe we can help you, we can refer you back to your GP or an appropriate health specialist. 

Phases of Care

1: Healing Phase


If you are in pain, our first priority is to get you feeling and moving better quickly.  Depending on how severe or ingrained the health challenge is, and how long the problem has been there will determine how long this phase will take. Typically the number of visits in this phase are at their highest frequency with a number of visits recommended each week. However, we never forget you are the boss! There can be time and financial restraints for everyone, so we will always work with you to help you as best we can.

2: Alignment or Corrective Phase

During this phase, your pain or symptoms will be decreasing and your nervous system will be beginning to function better. We want to get you functioning at your optimum so in this phase we will also concentrate on strengthening and rehabilitation in order to get you at your best. Again, it depends on the root cause of your problem and how long it's been there that determines the length of this phase, but often the frequency of visits can be less than the Healing Phase.  

3: Wellness Phase

Once you are feeling better it is important to maintain the improvements you have achieved, so we may recommend regular visits with exercise advice to keep you functioning at your optimum. Life stresses such as physical activity or poor posture, emotional stress, or, even just ageing can negatively impact our joints and nervous systems on a daily basis. Therefore, we aim to continually remove this interference from your nervous system and hopefully keep some of those stresses at bay! 

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