About Wells Chiropractic and Osteopathy Centre

What You Can Expect

Phases of Care

1: Healing Phase


If you are in pain, our first priority is to get you feeling and moving better quickly.  Depending on how severe or ingrained the health challenge is, and how long the problem has been there will determine how long this phase will take. Typically the number of visits in this phase are at their highest frequency with a number of visits recommended each week. However, we never forget you are the boss! There can be time and financial restraints for everyone, so we will always work with you to help you as best we can.

2: Alignment or Corrective Phase

During this phase, your pain or symptoms will be decreasing and your nervous system will be beginning to function better. We want to get you functioning at your optimum so in this phase we will also concentrate on strengthening and rehabilitation in order to get you at your best. Again, it depends on the root cause of your problem and how long it's been there that determines the length of this phase, but often the frequency of visits can be less than the Healing Phase.  

3: Wellness Phase

Once you are feeling better it is important to maintain the improvements you have achieved, so we may recommend regular visits with exercise advice to keep you functioning at your optimum. Life stresses such as physical activity or poor posture, emotional stress, or, even just ageing can negatively impact our joints and nervous systems on a daily basis. Therefore, we aim to continually remove this interference from your nervous system and hopefully keep some of those stresses at bay! 

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